10 Amazing Routes For Bike Riders – No.2 & 3 Are So Challenging That Only Thrill-Seekers Should Attempt


Bike riding or cycling is a very exciting sport. It however gets more interesting when you are a bike riding tourist. You are able to visit different destinations around the world with your bike. As opposed to walking, bike riding allows you to cover more space within a short while. You can thus, get to see more places on bike compared to when you are on foot. Here are 10 top locations for bike riders in the world.

  1. Inside Turkey

Streets of Turkey

While the coastal parts of turkey is always busy and crowded, most of the inside part with a lot of attractions are often less busy and adventurous with a lot of sights to see. You could thus take a ferry or bus to the attractions in the inland of turkey such as archaeological spots that are deserted. There are also villages that are very tranquil where there are oven’s producing freshly baked bread. You also get to see turtles, taking ages to cross the road. To achieve this, you can take a ferry to Bandirma from Istanbul. You can subsequently ride around Izmir to Bergama before riding to Antalya through any of the inland ways.

  1. New Zealand’s Molesworth road

Molesworth Road

If you want to cycle in New Zealand, there are a lot of locations you can choose from. But if you just have the luxury of cycling on one, then you should cycle on Molesworth road. It is a very adventurous and difficult ride as you might go 3 days on roads that are dirty without any cold streams or shops where you can take a bath. A campsite is however well place at both of the road’s ends. You also get to see a lot of isolated and rugged farmlands. The ideal time to take the ride is at the beginning of April or towards December ending. It is only during this period that people are allowed to use the road. You should also come along with your gear for camping.

  1. Morocco’s Zagora to Tafraoute

Zagora to Tafraoute

This exciting route features miles of almond trees that are flowering, some climbs that are challenging, women working and singing in lush oasis as well as sand dunes with some of them as high as 300 meters over your head. You also have the choice of stopping along the road with a lot of places you could rent ranging from hotels to campsites to wild camping galore. Apart from planning to use a week to bike ride on this route, you could also take 3 to 4 days to see desert which surrounds Zagora. You might need a guide to take you around the desert. There is also a beautiful valley closeby. A total of 3 weeks would be perfect.

  1. Iran’s Shiraz to Yazd

Shiraz to Yazd

If you want to really feel cycling, then you should visit Iran. The country features a friendly group of people who would allow you sleep on their fine carpets, give you home cooked foods while leaving the next day, treat you to several tea cups in their local homes. Iranians are thus as friendly as you can see in any other country in the world. There are also infinite archaeological spots to rival anything one you would find in Rome. The sceneries are also very lovely and tranquil with a lot of breathtaking architecture.

  1. Italy’s Dolomites


Italy has a lot of mountain ranges where you can take a ride and be glad you did. However, if you are in for just a ride, then the chosen spot should be the craggy and pink dolomites located in Italy’s northern part. You get to climb up to over 2000 meters of mountains. There are also well placed local café where you can take an espresso shot or a gelato scoop. You will also get to pass through the Italy’s biggest alpine meadow known as Seiser Alm.

  1. America’s Eastern Oregon

Eastern Oregon

You get to experience not only coastal views and rainforests. Riding through route 395 which is lonely passes through the middle of cowboy country and the desert of Oregon. You will thus have time to reflect while taking a peaceful ride. You would also at the same time get to witness nature’s beauty amongst which is the tallest United States faulty scarps called Abert Rim. You can also get apple pie slice along the road. You can begin from Lakeview, along California’s border and go towards the north. The ride is however desolate and hot. It is therefore advisable to take along plenty water.

  1. Australia’s Island of Tasmania

Island of Tasmania

The Island of Tasmania, located in Australia is one of the best roads for a rider. What you get to enjoy on this road include stunning view, light traffic, smooth roads, free camping and oven fresh pies amongst others. It is like the heaven of bike riders. The Island sometimes called Tassie also allows you to see endless sea views as well as a Tasmanian Devil (if you are lucky), echidnas and wombat. You can get to Melbourne with the aid of a ferry. Get down at tourist bureau and select a complimentary bike for guide touring and you are good to go.

  1. Along Cambodia’s Mekong

Mekong River

One of Cambodia’s most popular tourist sites is Angkor Wat. You can ride your bike in this area along the Mekong River. You get to pass through many little villages. You would get to see more pigs and chicken more than cars along the road.

  1. Khrgyzstan’s Song-Kil Lake

Song-Kil Lake

After a tough ride to a peak of up to 3,600 meters, you get to see a beautiful lake which has nomadic families and snowy peaks around it. You should however take enough food and the means to cook it.

  1. Portugal’s Serra da Estrela Mountains

Serra da Estrela Mountains

This ride starts with a road that is fairly of the same height, before you have to drive 20 kilometers to climb a steep hill, and then you follow some rock tunnels. It is not an easy ride, but it is a very adventurous and daring ride. You get to see the loveliest sceneries even as you climb to the highest height of about 1,933 meters.

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