10 Amazing Spain Locations You Should Visit Today


Spain, whose largest city Madrid, serves as her capital is the second country, in terms of size in Western Europe. The city, whose official language is Spanish, has a total area of 505,990 sq km. The 2015 population estimate of the country is 46,439,864 people. The official currency of the country is the Euro.

Spain is one of the top tourist countries in Europe due to its lively fiestas, vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisine and splendid beaches. This is because Spain has many regions that are autonomous as well as Islands. The country also has a lot of different landscapes and cultures on the content. Here is a list of top locations in Spain you should visit.

  1. Barcelona

Sagrada Família in Barcelona

Barcelona is a major tourist attraction in Spain. The city, which is located in Spain’s northeastern part has everything that attracts tourists to Europe including buzzing nightlife, vibrant culture, lively shopping and historic architecture. Some features which you will only find in the city of Barcelona include the popular Sagrada Familia church and the Casa Batllo, which were architectural marvels constructed by Antoni Gaudi, a popular architect in Spain. Each of these wonderful constructions has wonderful colors, shapes and designs. Common activities you can carry out when visiting Barcelona include sunbathing in one of the most common beaches of Barcelona known as Barceloneta as well as walking on the pedestrian avenue which is lined with trees known as La Rambla.

  1. Granada

Alhambra Palace in Granada

Granada can be found in Spain’s southern part under the mountains of Sierra Nevada. Granada also serves as the province of Granada’s capital. The city has a nice combination of exciting tourist spots such as popular Alhambra, a peak of Moorish art that covers the history of Andalusian, an active nightlife as well as various cultures. One of Europe’s wonderful architectural sights is the Alhambra, which is a medieval complex that overlooks Granada. The complex attracts a lot of tourists, who come to Granada with the sole or major aim of seeing Alhambra. The Alhambra gives breathtaking views of Granada, has dripping and cascading water features, lush and spectacular gardens as well as wonderful architecture of armaments.

  1. Spanish Islands

Spanish Islands

Some of Europe’s most attractive Islands are located in Spain. The big Spanish Islands are shared equally among the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. The 4 major Belearic Islands (Menorca, Mallorca, Formentera and Ibiza), located in the East of Spain’s mainland, has a different character from other Spanish islands as well as from each other. The best known and largest Balearic Island is Mallorca. Ibiza is however reputed to be a sport for party lovers. The Canaries which is also called Canary Islands, is located in Morocco’s southern coast. Their natural attractions, mild climates and beautiful beaches make the Apanish Island Famous. Notable among the natural attractions in the Spanish Islands is Tenerife’s Teide Volcano and Gran Canaria’s Maspalomas Dunes.

  1. Madrid

Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid

Madrid is the largest city in Spain and also serves as the capital of the country. The city is reputed for its active and interesting night life. A lot of ethnic groups reside in the city, making the city one of the most colorful cosmopolitan cities in Europe. The residence of the monarch of Spain, popularly known as the Royal palace and located in the center of Madrid is one of the most famous tourist sports in Madrid. The city also features a big plaza known as Puerta del Sol. The Puerta del Sol serves as a public transportation network hub, street performers, important gatherings and festivals’ scenes.

  1. Seville

Plaza de España in Seville

Seville is a city you must visit in Spain as it has a high level of active nightlife, lively festivals and wonderful tourist spots. Seville is Andalusia’s capital as well as the cultural and financial capital of Spain. The city hosts a lot of important and beautiful landmark in Spain’s Italy such as the Real Alcazar and Seville’s Grand Cathedral.

  1. Valencia

The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

Valencia is one of the most important and largest cities in Spain. The city’s huge entertainment and cultural complex called the City of Arts and Science was built after diverting the Turia River. There are a lot of buildings inside the complex including aquarium, planetarium and science museum. The Fallas festival also holds in Valencia in March of every year where every community displays various colors and sizes of papier-mache figures. The figures are then burned ceremoniously as the weekend, with parties that go late into the night.

  1. San Sebastian

Beach of La Concha in San Sebastian

The province of Gipuzko’s capita – San Sebastian, is located in North Spain, in the County of Basque, off the Biscay Bay’s coast. The lovely city located at the side of the sea has outstanding tradition in culinary and beaches that are excellent. The ancient town has many buildings of historic importance that were rebuilt in the 1800s. It has some of Europe’s most lovely beaches where tourists can water sky, kayak, swim and sunbath.

  1. Cordoba


The province of Cordoba’s capital, Cordoba, is located in the Spain’s Southern part in the region of Andulasia. Cordoba’s historic quarter has a lot of confusing ancient courtyards that are whitewashed, plazas and streets which are all located in Mezquita, a major attraction in Cordoba. Mezquita which initially served as a mosque is now a wonderful cathedral that has most of its natural architecture intact. Other places you could visit in Cordoba include souvenir shops, the ancient Jewish Quarter, the Street of flowers and the Christian Monarchs’ Fortress.

  1. Toledo


Toledo is located on the top of a mountain in Spain’s central part. It was the capital of Spain until the 1500s. Majorly Muslims, Christians and Jews initially lived in the city, resulting in the city being called City of 3 Cultures on some occasions. Toledo is still a top tourist destination in Spain as it has a lot of ancient architectures including a stunning mosque, synagogue and church.

  1. Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is the region of Galicia’s capital and is located in Spain’s northwestern part. It is popular because it is believed to be the last destination of Camino de Santiago, a traditional pilgrimage. A lot of Christians visit this location because it is believed to be the burial site of St. James, one of Jesus Christ’s Apostles. The city also has a lot of other tourist spots.

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