10 Best Hikes in the World


El Caminito del Ray in Spain

Hiking is a wonderful experience. It requires tremendous fitness and energy levels. It is adventure sport. Today, hiking has become very popular and so have the hiking spots. There are many levels of hikers in the world. Some do it for the love of the sport and some take it on at a professional level. However, one thing is common. You can have a spectacular view of nature around you. The trips are no doubt dangerous. Nevertheless, what is passion without dangers? This is life and you should enjoy it in the unadulterated way. We shall look at the top ten hikes in the world. You have to hold your breath, as some spots are outright dangerous.

  1. Fjords, Norway

Fjords in Norway

The Fjords in Norway are natural landscapes created by a succession of the Ice Ages. You can see them cutting into tall mountains. You can have a breathtaking view of the waterfalls cascading down the mountains and the omnipresent glaciers that never seem to melt. Fjords are actually narrow inlets of water with steep cliff sides usually created by erosion of glaciers. You can find them in the Scandinavian mountains of Norway.


  1. Fjordland, New Zealand

Fjordland in New Zealand

New Zealand is a very beautiful country. The Fjordland makes it all the more beautiful. The fjords, carved by glaciers over a hundred thousand years are a beautiful landscape dotted with wonderful waterfalls hurtling down the cliffs. You can find ancient rainforests, still untouched by man. The view of the shimmering lakes and the granite peaks is breathtaking. You can have a great hike here and appreciate the beauty of nature.


  1. Blyde River Canyon, South Africa
Blyde River-Canyon-in-South-Africa

Blyde River Canyon in South Africa

The Blyde River Canyon Reserve offers spectacular mountain scenery and panoramic views of the mountains. You can find a single quartzite column of rock, the Pinnacle. The Three Rondavels are huge spirals of dolomite rock at the far end of the Canyon. You can also look at the ‘Bourke’s Luck Potholes’. This is a natural phenomenon occurring out of continuous water erosion over thousands of years. You can find strange cylindrical structures carved at the meeting point of the Blyde River and the Treur River. This natural reserve is one of the most popular hiking spots in the world.


  1. Hua Shan, China

Hua Shan in China

This may be the most dangerous of hikes in the world. This is a high mountain range famous for its steep and narrow paths. There are five peaks and each one has its distinctive charm. You can enjoy the sunrise at the East Peak. The South Peak is the tallest one. The West is an elegant peak with the North being famous as the Cloud Terrace peak. The Central peak is the Jade Lady Peak. There are many temples in the range. This is a dangerous trek but worth taking the risk for the sheer beauty of nature, one can witness.


  1. Andes, South America

Andes in South America

The Andes is the longest mountain range after the Himalayan range in Asia. It spreads over seven South American countries. The place is famous for its mountain hikes. One such famous place is the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru. You can find a historical trove in this city. This is a very popular hiking resort.


  1. El Caminito del Ray, El Chorro, Spain

El Caminito del Ray in Spain

This is a very treacherous hiking spot. You have to balance yourself precariously on the rusty steel beams at many places along the way. You cannot dare to look below. It will send the shivers down the spine of even the sturdiest and most experienced rock climbers. This pathway is more than a hundred years old. You will find scary holes all along the pathway looking ready to crumble down any moment. The meek hearted should remain away from this hike.


  1. Kalalau Trail, Kauai, Hawaii

Kalalau Trail in Hawaii

The Kalalau Trail is a beautiful 11-mile hike leading from Ke’e Beach to Kalalau Beach in Hawaii. You can find the most beautiful scenery ever in this world. These pictures have found their way into many calendars and magazines worldwide. You can have a great hike from the mountains to the beaches having a wonderful view of the lush jungles as well as the remote beaches. You can never forget this trip in the world.


  1. The Alps, Europe

The Alps in Europe

The Alpine mountain range in Europe has many hiking spots. The most prominent of the hikes is the Mount Blanc, the highest peak in Europe. This is an extensive mountain range spreading across eight European countries. The area is also famous for its 100-mile Tour du Mont. Most of the Alpine region is under snow for most part of the year. This makes is inaccessible thus adding to the degree of difficulty of hiking.


  1. Mount Rainier, WA, USA

Mount Rainier in USA

Mount Rainier is the highest mountain in the Cascade Range in the state of Washington. It is in fact, a volcano and a very dangerous one at that. It has a large amount of ice. Any strong eruption can produce massive destruction in the entire valley. This makes it all the more dangerous for hiking. This mountain is notorious for its avalanches and loss of human life.


  1. The Himalayas, Asia

The Himalayas in Asia

The Himalayan Range is the tallest range in the world. It also presents the highest degree of difficulty as far as hiking is concerned. You can find the tallest mountains in the world in this range. The Mount Everest expeditions attract hundreds of mountaineers to the Himalayas every year making it a very popular hiking location.


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