10 Driving Roads With The Greatest Views – No.8 Has One Of The Most Breathtaking Scenery


Tourism is not limited to just visiting particular locations. In some cases, driving through roads is another great way for a tourist to catch fun. There are a number of roads that while driving through, you would be able to get great views and see lovely sights. Here are 10 roads with greatest views that you should drive through on your next tourism trip.

  1. Stelvio Pass / South Tyrol / Italy

Stelvio Pass

The Stelvio Pass at a height of 2757 meters is reputed to be the Alps road with the 3rd highest peak. In the year 2008, it was voted by Top Gear as the world’s best road for driving. The road has which has 48 turns of switchback has a very stunning view. You would get the best view if you should start your tour of this road from the north western part of the road. This will take you through Stelvio National Park’s heart and you get the opportunity of driving upwards. You would get to pass through several kilometers of sweeping/fast roads as well as through the alpine forest.

  1. Route Napoleon / Alpes-Maritimes

Route Napoleon

In the year 1932, the present Route Napoleon was launched. The road traces the march to Grenoble from Elba, by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815. The march was aimed at overthrowing Louis XVIII. The road is thus reputable for its rich history. Apart from the history however, it passes through the Alps with fascinating views and scenery. The road which has a smooth start to finish rhythm starts at Grasse, covers 150 kilometers and ends in Grenoble. It also passes through the Alps and Alps Maritimes. The road is well designed and has wonderful scenery and cambered corners.

  1. Route de Gentelly / Alpes – Maritimes

Route de Gentelly

The road starts from a location in the Alpes – Maritime known as Vence picturesque town. A lot of bikers love driving along the path which has about 19 kilometer pass and a peak of 963 meters. It however also gives a great experience as you get to see a lot of interesting sights all through the road. When you start at Col de Vence, you drive up to Greolieres before taking a turn upright to the Route de Gentelly. On this road, you get one of the most beautiful views any road has to offer. The roads are landscaped by arches and formations of rock. There are also fences made from wood based on the road’s very twisty lines. The vantage points where you can stop to rest also offer great sights of a mountain valley that has a deep green color.

  1. Route 500 Schwarzwald Hochstrasse / Black Forest / Germany

Route 500 Schwarzwald Hochstrasse

This road passes through the black forests with several deserted roads and sweeping trails which seems uncountable. The route 500 is one of the loveliest parts of the road on the northern side and has Schwarzwald Hochstrasse that is elevated. The route is a combination of sweeping parts that are smooth as glass on top of the forest. It also has a switchback that is dramatic that can take you to Baden through the forest.

  1. Old Military Road in Scottish Highlands

Old Military Road

This road is located in the middle of the National Cairngorms Park in the Highlands of Scottish. The road offers users a perfect drive and you get to see a lot of nice sceneries. The road is hardly ever busy as most people use the highway by the park. You get to see wild animals if you are lucky. You are however sure to see grazing lambs and sheep, endless sights on top of mountains and bare landscapes.

  1. Klausen Pass / Central Swiss

Klausen Pass

While going south from Zurich, the first main apine pass is the Klausen Passis. You can run through the length of the road in about 65 minutes and it passes through the middle of the Alps. The availability of an optional road makes the road to be traffic free in most cases as only driving enthusiasts or locals are allowed on the road.

  1. Hahntennjock / Vorarlberg / Austria


You start to feel the unique experience as you enter into Hahntennjock pass. The road has high structures surrounding which is not so violent surrounding it. It is however possible to feel dizzy if you should look upward. The road passes through a beautiful and green valley. This road is one road you must pass through if you should ever get to visit the Alps. It is better to start from the north end of the road.

  1. Grosslockner High Alpine Road / East Tyrol

Grosslockner High Alpine Road

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road, is Austria’s mountain pass with the highest surface. In all of Europe, it has one of the best road scenery. A lot of tourists regularly follow through the road for the extreme pleasure for drivers the road offers.

  1. Furka Pass / Central Swiss Alps

Furka Pass

This road was used in the movie Goldfinger, where in the James Bond chase which featured a Ford Mustang / Aston DB5 cars. It is a very beautiful pass in the Center part of the Swiss Alps. You also get to pass close to the Rhone river source – Rhone Glacier. The road has an immaculate surface and a fantastic visibility.

  1. Col de la Bonnette / Alps Maritimes

Col de la Bonnette

Driving through the Cl de la Bonnette is not hard compared to other European roads with tall peaks. The road has breathtaking scenery and is also extremely smooth. The road also has contrasting views as there are views from the road that are barren views while others are very green.


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