10 Most Unusual Town You Can Visit – You Won’t Believe What China Did In No.7


A town can be defined as any area that is not as big as a city and at the same time not as small as a village. Most towns often have their own people, markets, boundary, name and government. There are some special towns all across the world, some with people living there, while others does not have any residents. There are also towns with only 1 person living in the town with people from under towns all staying in a particular house. Here are the 10 most unusual towns that you can visit.

1. Marloth Park South Africa


In close proximity to the National Kruger Park is the Marloth Park. The National Kruger Park has a lot of animals including crocodiles, hippopotamuses and lions. The uniqueness of the town is however the fact that people who live in Marloth Park and close to these dangerous animals are not allowed to fence their homes. There is however a 4 feet or 1.2 meter fence constructed around Kruger park to prevent them from entering the park as opposed to preventing the animal from attacking them. There have been issues of things being stolen from the refrigerators by baboons after gaining access to people’s home windows as well as human attacks by lions.

2. Virginia’s Asymmetric Warfare Training Center (AWTC)


Located in Virginia is the AWTC which was built by the United States’ Army and used in training United States of America’s soldiers. The town is however, not inhabited. The town has a complete infrastructure including a bridge, subway, bank, football field and gas station. Other infrastructure include County of Caroline in Virginia’s tallest building which is a 5-storey embassy, a train station, mosque, church and school. The subway is similar to the subway in Washington D.C. and the schools are replica of the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq. About $90 million was used in construction of the training center, which is managed by the Asymmetric Warfare Group of the United States’ Army.

3. Longyearbyen Norway


Located in Spitsbergen, Longyearbyen has the reputation of being the city, located in the world’s most northern part. The city also has the university, airport, post office, museum, ATM and church that is located in the most northern part of the world. It is forbidden for people to die in this city. If anyone is found to be dying or ill, they are immediately transported out of Longyearbyen to other cities in Norway before the person dies. In the event that an individual dies suddenly, burial is not conducted for them. This is because the weather in the city is very cold and prevents the decomposition of dead bodies in their cemetery. People in the city are not allowed to own cats as it is said that the cats threaten the birds. Furthermore, the presence of polar bears, numbering about 3,000, made the citizens to be given permission to own high-powered rifles.

4. Ordos China

Ordos China

Located in China, is Ordos City which Is reputed to be China’s biggest ghost town. Despite having a capacity for over 1 million residents, only about 20,000 people have ever resided in the city. There are a lot of incomplete houses in the city as a result of investors pulling out. Fresh graduates who decided to stay in the city get a lot of utilities free including internet connections and office space.

5. Monowi Nebraska


Migrants from Czech founded Monowi in Nebraska’s northeastern part. Elsie was the last and only person who lives in Monowi. The number of people in the town dropped to Elsie only in the year 2004 following the death of her husband. Before then, it was just Elsie and her husband that were living in the town from the year 2000. This was from 150 people who were living in the town in the 1930s.

6. Colma California


In California, Colma town has about 1.5 million inhabitants who are dead and only 1,500 people  who are alive. A lot of people migrated to San Francisco, which is close to Colma in 1849 as a result of the Gold Rush. Some of these people came with infectious ailments which led to several deaths. Initially, several of these people were buried in San Francisco, before the cemetery owners were asked to remove the dead bodies. The dead bodies were subsequently moved to Colma.

7. Hallstatt China


The Hallstatt China is a mock version of the UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Austria which is the real Hallstatt and was constructed with almost $950 million. It features wooden house, church tower and roads. A millionaire in China sponsored the building of the town. Despite the fact that the people of the real Hallstat were not happy with the fact that builders did not take permission before building the replica of their town, they were quoted to have said they were proud of the fact that a copy of their town was built.

8. Whittier Alaska

Whittier Alaska

Located in Alaska, is the town Whittier which houses the Begich Tower. The over 200 people residing in the town lives in the tower which was constructed in 1956. The only access to the town is a 2.6 miles or 4 km tunnel or through the sea.

9. Busingen Am Hochrhein Germany


Located in Switzerland, is a German town – Busingen am Hochreign. A tiny land strip divides the town from German mainland. It has both German and Swiss government presence. For instance, it has both Swiss and German telephone and phone codes. The town was initially under Austria before people from Switzerland killed the King. Austria however rather preferred to hand over the town to Germany who claimed it in 1919. More than 90 percent of the locals however preferred to be under Switzerland. Switzerland was however not ready to pay any compensation to Germany for the town.

10. The Villages Florida


Located in Florida is a town by the name The Villages with more than 100,000 residents. The town is in the Guinness Book of Record for hosing the longest golf cart parade of 3,321 golf carts as most of the people transport with golf carts. Children are forbidden in the town as the city is rife with a lot of scandals and controversies.

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