10 Unusual Statues You Must See [Warning: No.2 Contains Sexual Content]


It is a popular culture and occurrence for people to build a statue in commemoration of a period a noble person. There are however some unusual statues that has been erected all over the world. Some of these statues are very creative, while others just look plain silly. However, there are a lot of these unusual statues that have turned to great tourist attractions. Some of these unusual statues have been very profitable for the cities and the countries they are erected. Here are 10 unusual statues that you must see.

  1. Brownnosers


Brownnoser was literally taken to another level with the construction of Brownnosers by David Cerny. David Cerny is an artist from Czech Republic. The Brownnoser features 2 statues outside Prague’s Futura Gallery that are bent over. Both statues are beside each other with their torsos’ lower part coming out of a wall made from cement. Tourists are allowed to put their heads inside the open anuses of the status with the aid of a ladder. The person subsequently sees a video which shows a depiction of the National Gallery’s head and Vaclav Klaus, the President of Czech spoon feeding each other.

  1. Jeju Loveland

Jeju Loveland

Located in South Korea’s Jeju Island are the salacious monuments, created in honor of sexual acts. The Jeju Island Park was launched in 2004 and welcomes a regular flow of curious tourists. The park has more than 130 romantic statues which show sexual acts amongst humans on the one hand and animals on the other hand. The aim of the park is to promote sexuality’s natural beauty and remove the feelings of taboo and barriers that surrounds sex. Several newlyweds go on honey moon to Jeju Island to get some ideas about sex.

  1. Jimmy Carter Peanut

Jimmy Carter Peanut

The statue which stands at 13 feet or 4 meters high has the ability to give some people nightmares. The statue was erected in by a road in Georgia’s planes. The statue was built in Jimmy Carter’s honor in the year 1976 in Indiana. The structure was built as a peanut due to the fact that Jimmy Carter farms peanut before he became president. The peanut was hit by car in the year 2000, but it was restored to its normal position.

  1. Die Badende

Die Badende

Die Badende which means The Bather was placed in side Hamburg’s Alster Lake. The placement saw the head and bare knees of the statue showing above the lake. It was however only in the lake for about ten days before it was removed. The statue which had a height of 67 feet or 20 meters made the lake to look like a huge bathtub. During the ten day period it was on display, a lot of tourists visited the area and often boarded boats that swam in between her legs which were parted.

  1. The Headington Shark

The Headington Shark

The Headington Shark was fixed on the roof of a house on the 9th of August in the year 1986, which marked the forty-first year since the bombing of Nagasaki. Since then, the house looked as if a flying 25 feet or 8 meter long Shark crashed on the top of the building. The local council in the area attempted to have the statue, which the owner of the house claimed to be a statement pointing to the destruction the application of nuclear weapon leads to. He was however able to lobby for the local council not to remove the shark.

  1. Shit Fountain

Shit Fountain

Jerzy Kenar is a Chicago artist who constructed the shit fountain. The fountain was built as a sort of reminder for dog owners to always clear the mess their dogs left behind. This was due to the fact that he was always stepping on the excreta of dogs, most times when he steps out of his house. The shit fountain is a pillar of cement has a coil made from bronze which is shaped like an excreta.

  1. Steve Jobs Monument

Steve Jobs Monument

Steve Jobs monument is another unusual statue you should see. Constructed in the front of the Mechanics and Optics Department of the St. Petersburg’s National Research University of Information Technologies is an iPhone that is interactive. The monument has a screen where various videos and photos of the life of Steve is shown. The videos and photos concentrate on his accomplishments as Apple’s Chief Executive Officer.

  1. Enema Monument

Enema Monument

The Enema monument which was completed in the year 2008 with $42,000 was built as an ode to an enema. The monument has a height of 1.5 meters and a weight of 800 lb. The monument was placed on 3 naked cherubs’ back. It is regarded to be the native health services symbol.

  1. Carhenge


Located in Alliance’s grassy plane in Nebraska is a bizarre monument. The monument has several cars balanced on several other cars with their noses inside the ground. The monument is a mimic of Stonehenge and was constructed in the 80s.

  1. Boll Weevil Monument

Boll Weevil Monument

While it is very common to build a statue in honor of a man, it is however very unusual to see a structure, built in honor of an animal. Tourists to Alabama get to see a Boll Weevil’s memorial which features a big boll weevil on the head of a woman’s statue. The statue was built in 1919 and is a sign of persistence for native farmers.

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