15 Best Vacation Destinations You Must Visit In 2016


Adventure of a Lifetime

No, this post is not about prison break at all as you might think from my usage of the term “escapes”. What it is about is, a vacation. Yes, you need it, I need it, we all need it. But where do we go? When do we go? How big of a hole will it burn in our pockets?  We all have the same questions. But don’t you worry. Here is presenting you with the top 15 places you could be at this year. Let’s make 2016 the most adventurous year so far. Who is with me? Let’s go!

1. Botswana, The Land of Deserts and Deltas


Beautiful Sunset in Botswana

Botswana is celebrating its 50th year of independence this year. This is big, guys. We should all be a part of this wonderful celebration. If not anything else, one must go there at least for the endless beauty this place has to offer. Adorned with infinite deserts and innumerable deltas, Botswana is sure to win your heart. Animal lovers would be pleased to know that Botswana has dedicated 17% of its land to national parks. And for you party-goers, Botswana has a crazy nightlife. So, come be a part of this.

2. Australia, Before It Is Too Late


Coolangatta Beach in Gold Coast

We all know what Australia is famous for its wildlife. However, the major wildlife areas in Australia are under threat of potential extinction. Moreover, various proposed projects intend to mess up Australia’s key tourism spots such as the Great Barrier Reef and Tasmania’s forests. Don’t miss out on Australia’s beauty. Go now!

3. Japan, They Have It All


Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

There is good news for those of you who are shopaholics. Japanese Yen has been devalued by the government. This means affordability of Japanese goods has increased manifold. Hurry up! You can buy anything and everything here – from extremely useful to absolutely weird and unnecessary.

4. Greenland, Not Green At All


Largest Ice Body in Greenland

Despite the name, 80% of the place is beautifully covered in snow. If you have any wish to detach yourself from the world, this is the perfect place for you. Minimum population, maximum peace. The food you get is wonderfully fresh and local. Also, don’t forget, you also get to experience the incredible Northern Lights.

5. Fiji, Where Happiness Finds You


Lovely Scenery for Vacation

Another ideal destination for the peace-lovers out there is Fiji. The calm, cool waters and the melodious combination of Hip-Hop, Reggae and Pop music soothe the soul and promise to uplift your spirits.

6. Nepal, Post-Disaster


Awesome Mountainous Views in Nepal

In spite of the huge blow it took only a few months back, Nepal is back on its feet. You must visit Nepal not just because the place is absolutely mesmerizing but also in order to support their relief efforts. The money you spend on your travels will largely contribute to their relief funds. So, why not?

7. Tasmania, A World Apart


Wineglass Bay Tasmania

Great developments lie in store for Tasmania in 2016. New hotels, new cruise lines and even new hiking trails (example: Three Capes Track) – in short Tasmania is a booming tourism spot right now. Get ready for some adventure and fun!

8. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Suit Up For The Olympics!


Rio De Janeiro has one of the Sexiest Beaches

The Olympic Games 2016 is going to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The festivities and preparations are in full swing. The whole place is vibrant and colourful and full of life. Be a part of this fun.

9. Southeast Asia


Ayutthaya Kingdom in Thailand

A little low on funds? But still need a vacation? Worry no more! Just visit Southeast Asia. It is highly affordable. The richness of the culture will inspire you to no ends. The newest feature that 2016 is offering you, however, is the abundance of new cruises on the Mekong.

10. Cuba, A Cultural Rendezvous


Luxury Beach Resort in Cuba

For art lovers, food lovers, music lovers and dance lovers, your search ends here. Cuba satiates all your cultural desires. It is a lovely and safe place filled with the friendliest of people. So salsa yourself all the way to Cuba in 2016!

11. Latvia, On The Up-And-Up Culture


Old Town in Latvia

Capture the freshness of the rich local flavours and get mesmerized by the artistry this year in Latvia. Relax your body and mind with hot saunas showered with wildflowers and lose yourself in beer and smoked fish. Latvia beckons you to experience what it has to offer.

12. Uruguay, “Switzerland of America”


Street Graffiti in Uruguay

The perfect adjective for this country is perhaps “bohemian”. The whole ambience and feel of it is such. Vast empty beaches, small surfing villages, and adorable little beach shacks make Uruguay a very cosy and comfortable spot. The cattle ranches and the cute cowboys add to the whole hippie vibe.

13. East Africa For The Wild Ones


Get Close to Mother Nature

Want to experience the wildlife from closer than the Discovery channel on your TV? Go on a safari in East Africa. Tanzania and Zimbabwe are only a few of the many places where you can visit to be one with nature. The brilliance of the Mother Nature along with the adrenaline rush the wilderness gives you makes East Africa an ideal tourism spot.

14. Cabo – Put On Your Party Hats!


Flyboarding in Cabo

Cabo, Mexico has built a party reputation for several years now. It truly is one of the best locations for insane parties. However, it is in the process of evolving into a luxury tourist spot. 2016 promises you an exceptionally luxurious time in Cabo. Pamper yourself to the fullest. And of course, the party continues!

15. Palau, The Beautiful Destination


Palau has One of the Best Diving Sites

And when you are tired and bored of all the partying and adventure and cultural flim-flam, just take a trip to Palau. The conversation and socialising department in this country is out of order. So, there is no pressure to be social. You can enjoy some much needed alone time in the island and enjoy its mind-boggling beauty. The island is absolutely ravishing. Palau boasts of one of the best diving and snorkelling worldwide. I am definitely spending the end of my 2016 in Palau. See you there!


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