21 Best Places to Eat In Taipei


Shilin Night Market

Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, has a rich culinary heritage of its own. Apart from its local food, you can easily find cuisines from all over the world. It depends on what you want to eat, Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese, Indian, Cantonese, Italian, etc. just pick from the list and Taipei has it all. Below is a list of the best restaurants in Taipei which you should visit while your stay in the city. “Bon-appetite!!!!”
1) Din Tai Fung (Xinyi)


Din Tai Fung

This restaurant has been ranked as one of the top ten restaurants of the world by “New York Times”. It has branches all over the world but the original restaurant is located on Xinyi Road in Taipei. Famous worldwide for its “Xiao-Long-Bao”, it also serves the best soup dumpling and beef noodles. Your order might take time but it is worth the wait.

2) Yen Chinese Restaurant


Yen Chinese Restaurant

This was the first restaurant I ate in, on my only visit to Taipei and undoubtedly the food over here is awe-inspiring. You will fall short of words to praise the chef’s culinary skills when you eat the “Pecking Duck”. I can assure you it’s the best duck you will ever eat. The barbequed meat platter is also worth a try. This restaurant also offers you a panoramic view of the Taipei city.

3) Lawry’s The Prime Rib


Lawry’s The Prime Rib

The roasted beef is quintessential. You might also try the steak of this place. The management is good and the staff very welcoming.

4) Yang Shin Vegetarian Restaurant


Yang Shin Vegetarian Restaurant

For all the non-vegetarians (pun intended) this is a must go restaurant. It is simplicity at its best. Don’t forget to make a reservation in advance as most of the time they are always full. The crispy radish pastry is worth a try.

5) Danny’s Steakhouse


Danny’s Steakhouse

I couldn’t resist visiting this restaurant again during my Tour to Taipei. The tender steak and the flavour of the meat mixed with the seasoning it offers is stupendous. The soup and salads were also good. A bit expensive but you won’t regret spending your penny.

6) Le-Cafe-Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei


Le-Cafe-Hotel Royal

This Cafe has the best budget buffet in Taipei. The desserts here is highly recommended Bread pudding, chocolate cake, macadamia nut cake, mango cheese is a “MUST” eat.

7) Diamond Tony’s 101 Italian


Diamond Tony’s 101 Italian

Want to go out on a date with your partner?? You cannot miss this place. Along with the excellent food it offers, it gives you the best ambience to be in too. The soft music in the background and the spectacular view in front gives you a “LEGENDARY” dining experience.

8) Addiction Aquatic Development


Addiction Aquatic Development

For all the Sea-Food lovers this is a one stop destination. The Sushi and Sashimi are fresh and mouth watering. The place is busy so your order may take time. Don’t forget to drop in early so that you don’t waste your time in the queue.

9) Balle Balle-The Indian Restaurant


Balle Balle

I was a bit sceptical to try out this restaurant, but to my surprise this place offers you amazing Indian cuisine. Apart from its great flavours, the management’s hospitality is also very good. Recommended food-Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani.

10) The Kitchen Table


The Kitchen Table

As the name suggests, you’ll feel like you are actually eating in the kitchen. It has a Juice bar and a desert bar both of which are outstanding. You will surely have a new and a unique dining experience.

11) Mayur Indian Kitchen


Mayur Indian Kitchen

Mayur Indian kitchen is the most loved restaurant in Taipei. It offers some delectable Indian cuisines prepared by expert chefs. The restaurant has a very warm ambience. The service is completely unmatched and the food tastes good and authentic.

12) Sunny Hills


Sunny Hills

An excellent run eatery in Taipei, Sunny Hills offers you a warm welcome. The pineapple biscuit and the tea here is definitely a must try.

13) Danny And Co Bistro


Danny And Co Bistro

Danny and co bistro is the perfect place to spend an evening with someone special. I would definitely recommend that you try the steak here. It is surely going to want you to come back to this place again and again. They also have some lovely dessert choices in their menu.

14) Da Wan Bbq


Da Wan Bbq

Well trained staff and mouth-watering delicacies to savour on makes Da Wan BBQ, stand out as the best restaurant in Taipei. The service is much personalised and makes you feel welcomed. The meat dishes are my favourites here and also a must try.

15) Ikki – Taipei Zhongshan



An amazing place to dine out in Taipei, Ikki – Taipei Zhongshan, is also priced very reasonably. The beef course was good here. You could also try the lamb dishes which the restaurant boasts of.

16) Monsieur L Restaurant


Monsieur L Restaurant

A bit highly priced but Monsieur L Restaurant includes a wide buffet spread that is surely doing to make you keep coming back to this restaurant again and again.

17) San Ho Yan


San Ho Yan

Try some lip smacking local cuisines at San Ho Yan. Its cosy dining area feels very welcoming. The restaurant staff is very courteous and makes your experience very memorable. I definitely appreciated the local cuisines mixed with creativity.

18) Elixir Health Pot


Elixir Health Pot

Nice food, astounding service makes this place a must visit. Though it is a bit pricey, Elixir health pot is a must try.

19) Sagar Indian Art and Restaurant


Sagar Indian Art and Restaurant

For those who love Indian cuisines, Sagar Indian art and restaurant is just the place to visit. Enjoy some delectable Indian cuisines here. I particularly loved the Punjabi food in this restaurant. It has a very soothing décor and makes the most of your dining experience.

20) La Farfalla Restaurant


La Farfalla Restaurant

La Farfalla is a very chic joint and a very lovely place for dinner. You get an unobstructed view of the garden and the 101 building. The ambience is very beautiful with soft light and thus makes the place very romantic. The restaurant serves semi-buffet spread.

21) Fuhang Soy Milk


Fuhang Soy Milk

The best place for breakfast in Taipei, Fuhang Soy Milk offers to you some soy milk, Shaobing and Youtiao.

I would recommend you to definitely try these eateries in Taipei to appreciate the local cuisines of this place.

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