3 Days 2 Nights Taiwan Penghu Itinerary

Penghu is the name of an archipelago situated off the west coast of Taiwan near Chiayi Taiwan, this is a really great place if you feel like doing a weekend getaway at a reasonable price. There are fresh seafood and some of the best views that nature has to offer. You should definitely consider visiting Penghu especially if you are looking for a place to unwind after being in a city for too long.

Day 1

Penghu is very near to Chiayi, so you can visit Chiayi if you have some time to spare as it is a nice place to chill with its laid back vibes. From Chiayi, you have to take a taxi until you reach 布袋港 for a boat ride of around 90 minutes before you reach Penghu. Upon touching down on Penghu, you can feel as though you have just travelled back in time because there are no tall buildings, no shopping malls and no hustle and bustle of big cities that you are used to.


Rainy Days

Next, we arranged to rent some scooters as they are the main form of transport here so we can make our way to the hostel to settle down our belongings before going out again.

Penghu Sea Farm 澎湖海洋牧

First stop of the day is Penghu Sea Farm, this is a quick 10 minutes boat ride to a floating sea farm in the middle of nowhere. They provide us with free flow of oysters and seafood porridge and those are some of the freshest oysters i have ever eaten. They provide a small BBQ pit for each table so that you can BBQ your oysters on the spot. Outside the shelter, there are a few fishing ponds as well for those of you who wish to try some fishing.

Free Flow of Fresh Oysters

Free flow of fresh oysters


Thrist Quenching Lemon Juice

Thrist quenching lemon juice on such a hot day


Night Squid Fishing 夜钓小

Next activity is to go fishing for squids at night on the boat itself. The captain took us on a 10 mins boat ride and stopped somewhere. They say that squids come out to feed at night that is why we are going out to sea at night. They turned on these huge spotlights so that we can see around us and provided us a fishing rod each. This is quite a unique experience as we have not done anything like this before. However, after a couple hours of fishing, none of us have caught any squids. The captain was saying this could be due to the heavy rain from a few hours back, what a bummer. At least the captain provided us squid mee sua as supper, hah!

View on the boat

The evening view on the boat is so beautiful


Lovely glow to lure the squids in


Day 2

For the second day, we have a couple of destinations lined up. We traveled on boat for around 1 hour before we reached this island Qimei which is absolutely beautiful. Same thing over here, we travelled around on scooters as well. It was slightly drizzling so we bought some raincoats from the 7-11.


Another rainy day


Lovely view


There is this landmark here called the Little Taiwan(小台湾) because it looks just like a tiny Taiwan on the map.


Little Taiwan

Little Taiwan

Little Taiwan Information


This is also another popular hotspot in Qimei called the Double-Heart of Stacked Stones (双心石滬). This is so cool because they said that it used to be an ancient fish trap made by stacking stones, as for how the fishes were lured into this trap, I have no idea.


Double-Heart of Stacked Stones


Next, we took another 30 minutes boat ride to another island called Wangan. Basically, there is nothing much here for us to do but to ride on our scooter around, which is quite liberating because of the open area and the fresh air. Not to mention, there are plenty of beaches for you to soak your feets in.



A dog enjoying the sea and beach

After a few hours, we took the boat back to Penghu where we rested for a while before going out for BBQ dinner.


Free-flow BBQ!


Day 3

Today is the last day of our trip here in Penghu and we want to end it with a bang! We woke up pretty early and after a simple breakfast nearby, we rode our scooters 45 minutes to visit Penghu Great Bridge (澎湖跨海大桥) and the view is amazing despite the hot weather.

Penghu Great Bridge

Penghu Great Bridge


We visited Yi Jia next to the Penghu Great Bridge for its Cactus ice cream and I was skeptical at first because I have never heard of a Cactus flavored ice cream. But it is really so good in this hot weather that I forgot to take a photo of it.

Cactus Ice Cream

Cactus Ice Cream



The sea urchin here are very fresh and sweet as well


Next, we visited the Whale Cave which is nearby and you can tell immediately why it is called the Whale Cave right. From the side, the hollow part roughly has the shape of a whale and you can see it very clearly from my photo below.


Whale Cave

Whale Cave Information



This is our last stop and after which, we took the 90 mins boat ride back to Chiayi. Penghu is awesome and I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking to unwind from the big cities to come and visit. There is not much to do here, but this is a good place to chill and simply have a relaxing time.



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