7 Beautiful Places To Visit In 2016


Shanghai at Night

Having trouble deciding where to go in 2016? Is your wish list way too long? Are you too indecisive? Let me help you out. I will now narrow down your list and present to you only 7 of the most beautiful places in the world that one must visit this year. Yes, only 7. Does that not reduce your hard work? Now you can go spend this time that you saved in your mindless office work. But at the end of it, you need to suit up and get ready for the ultimate vacation, free your mind and treat your soul. Let’s get started!

1. Cartagena, Columbia


The Rich Culture of Cartagena Buildings

Cartagena represents the confluence of two of the world’s most vibrant cultures: one, Spanish and the other, Caribbean. This historical city is now being adorned with branded shops and luxurious hotels. You can have a wide variety of favourites in this place. Some love the colourful buildings on the streets while others revel in the historical glory of Cartagena. The cultural treasures that this city has to offer are countless. Not just that, Cartagena has beautiful beaches full of lively bars and restaurants and of course, Salsa. And this piece of information is for all you shopaholics out there: the exchange rate is 3000 Pesos per Dollar. Need I say more?

Bask in the cultural sunshine at Cartagena and you will never ask for more. The city really has it all!


2. Frankfurt, Germany


Fountain in Frankfurt

A fan of beer? Visit Germany in 2016 to experience the numerous beer festivals all over the country as Germany celebrates 500 years of the Beer Purity Law. Frankfurt today is one of the foremost international business hubs in the world. It is also known as the gateway to the wine industry in Germany. The Riesling history that looms large over the surrounding areas of Frankfurt offers a strange spiritualism to the ambience of the city.

Thousands of artists and restaurateurs have settled down in Frankfurt due to the low rent, thereby rejuvenating the region. Across the river, the wine culture is very well developed. So you can satisfy your beer and wine desires along with enjoying the art all around. What a wonderful combination!


3. Shanghai, China


Lovely Night View of Shanghai

You must be wondering why I have put Shanghai, an already popular tourist spot in this list. Well, to answer your question, I need to point out the upcoming museums in Shanghai. Remarkable art museums such as Yuz Museum and Power Station of Art mark this place adding to its grandeur. These museums might just be paradise for all you art lovers.

Besides contemporary art museums, the Shanghai Disneyland is a convivial place for children and adults alike. One cannot say no to a place like this! The Shanghai Disneyland is due to open in the spring of 2016 – all the more reason to be in Shanghai in 2016. It is thrice as large as the Hong Kong Disneyland and much bigger than any in America!


4. Rome, Italy


St Peter Square in Vatican City, Rome

Now, for some religion! Rome, the holiest place in the whole world presents two very interesting reasons as to why one should go there in 2016. One, the Holy Door of the S. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City is being opened by Pope Francis thereby declaring the beginning of the Holy Year of Mercy (Jubilee year). Two, the whole idea of personally experiencing a Holy Year is exciting beyond comparison in itself.

Also, for those of you less interested in the whole religious bit, the Trevi Fountain has just been reopened after over 500 days. It looks fantastic right now and it deserves to be paid a visit to. What are you waiting for?

5. Abu Dhabi, UAE


Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi

Glitzy Dubai is now facing a seriously tough competition from its neighbouring emirate, Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is advancing by leaps and bounds in the tourism sector. Enticing people from all over the globe with its brand new raft of beach clubs, incredible mega malls and gigantic theme parks of supreme quality, Abu Dhabi is seeking some serious attention. People are flocking into Abu Dhabi in huge numbers looking for year-round sunshine, ornate mosques, fancy hotels and top class gourmet restaurants.

The much awaited Louvre and Guggenheim outposts will soon be opening on the manmade Saadiyat Island in 2016 itself. It seems like Abu Dhabi’s dream of being recognised as the cultural and heritage destination of the Middle East is not far from coming true.

6. Lima, Peru


Amazing Cuisines in Lima

If you are a true food lover, you belong in Lima, Peru. Three of the world’s top fifty restaurants are located here. The Andean culinary culture, as well as the diversity of this nation, is highly impressive and unparalleled. El Centro, Barranco and Miraflores mark the city’s foremost architectural sites. The nightlife in these same places is worth mentioning too. It is absolutely gorgeous. Now, imagine this with an exciting hike or bike ride along the famous Costa Verde and your trip is made. An ideal location for lovers and surfers hitting the waves alike, Lima is a fabulous vacation spot.

The life and diversity of the place add to its beauty. Lima calls out to you and me with its enticing sceneries and unique cuisine.


7. Palau


Rock Islands of Palau

After all the partying, the praying, the eating and the drinking, it is now time for some alone time. That is exactly when you take a nice and relaxing trip to Palau. Palau is the land of many beauties and zero pressure. The place is so astonishingly beautiful that one cannot help but be awestruck. This country is poor in terms of conversational skills. Therefore, there is absolutely no pressure on trying to mingle or socialise with people. You can be on your own, peaceful and content. You can also enjoy the snorkelling and diving that the island has to offer. It is considered to be one of the best worldwide.


Simply be one with nature and enjoy the mind-blowing beauty of Palau. I plan on ending my 2016 there. What about you?


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