The Ultimate Guide to the Top 10 Best Travel Destinations In 2016


Jokulsarlon Lagoon

Travelling gives a number of benefits to an individual. Wandering off to new destinations and exploring new places is something that every individual has to experience at least once in his lifetime. The world is filled with travel destinations waiting to be visited and trust me when I say the world is a beautiful to place to explore. Travelling is filled with loads of memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

I have tried to compile the ultimate guide to the top 10 best travel destinations for the year 2016. The destinations encompassing extravagant views laced with exoticness and exquisiteness alike. These destinations will lead you to drop everything and relax and also to simply enjoy the gorgeous views surrounding these places.

1. Mongolia


Traditional Mongolia Houses

Mongolia is your escape route from the chaotic streets of a city. This is the place where you can experience nature in its true form. From crystal clear skies to clear rivers coupled with vast open spaces encompassing forest and deserts alike. Mongolia proudly boasts about the unique history it entourages. You can also experience the hospitality offered by the nomads. It is a destination filled with adventures.

2. Hawaii


Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, Honolulu

Hawaii is an exotic place and truly the best destination one can visit this year. You can drop everything and head to Hawaii to unwind from reality and have a lifetime experience to remember. This place is laced with exquisite beaches and hoards a number of natural spots to visit. The volcanic island takes the cake away. There are over 19 such volcanic islands that the tourist can choose from. Oahu, Maui is few of the places that are worth the visit.

3. Brazil


Brazil Carnival

Brazil truly expresses beach culture. If you are looking for a perfect spot to bask in the sun, getting tan lines is your idea of a good vacation spot then Brazil is your choice. The nightlife in Brazil is amazing with superb music surrounding the town with exotic cuisines and dancing. The biggest celebration is the annual celebrations of the Carnival. Visiting Brazil must be on the check-list of every party fanatic.

4. Iceland


Dyrhólaey on the south coast of Iceland

Iceland is one of the exotic destinations when it comes to having a vacation on an island. Iceland proudly hosts a number of black sand beaches. This is coupled with exquisite views of waterfalls, volcanoes and also glaciers alike. A traveller has many options to choose from when travelling to Iceland. Iceland boasts varied tourist’s spots to visit and have an amazing experience.

5. Cuba


Soak up the Culture of Cuba

The Caribbean island of Cuba is filled with mysteries waiting to be explored by all. In order to truly enjoy Cuba, you need to travel like a local resident of Cuba which you can take up a specialised tour with the help of tour guides in order to explore the culture, art, cuisines of Cuba. You could also meet Cuban locals and have the time of your life.

6. Croatia


Croatia Offers Architectural Wonders

Game of Thrones fanatics alert, this is the place you ought to visit. The view that Croatia offers is a traditional and an architectural marvel. You can enjoy exploring the varied ancient towns that Croatia hosts. You can also visit the vast beaches and just relax. You can stay in a Villa to experience the gorgeous views of the ocean. You can explore the Old City with the help of speedboat ride. If you want to truly explore ancient architectural marvels Croatia can prove to be your best choice.

7. Italy


Romantic Land of Venice in Italy

If vacation filled with relaxation, shopping, cultural exploration coupled with tasting exotic cuisines is what you seek then Italy is the perfect spot for you. You can calmly rejoice in the romantic land of Venice and also explore the beautiful places like Rome, Florence and Milan. You could either stay in a hotel or you could stay by the beachside enjoying the perfect climate ashore. Italy truly is one of the best destinations to travel to this year.

8. Mexico


Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico

Take a spellbound trip to Mexico tasting the savoury, spicy cuisine of Mexico while enjoying the extensive landscapes of this beautiful country. White Sand Beaches top the list to laze around and you could also take a trip down the lively streets of Mexico. If you truly want to explore the rich culture of Mexico you can visit the varied archaeological sites coupled with museums alike.

9. Australia


The Famous Sydney Opera House in Australia

Australia proudly hosts the Sydney Opera House. Sydney is the place that first welcomes the New Year and you must visit Sydney once in your lifetime in order to view the amazing spots like Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, The Rocks and so on and so forth. Apart from Sydney, you can explore the rich wildlife of Australia coupled with specially planned safaris.

10. Myanmar


Bagan Temples in Myanmar

Myanmar is the best entry in this top 10 list of destinations to visit this year. You can experience the nature in its best form here by having access to varied landscapes coupled with exquisite greenery surrounding it.


Hope this travelling guide helps you to make the best vacation plan this year of 2016. You can have access to a number of options as mentioned above. A traveller is advised to carry out a bit of research before deciding on a specific place to visit. The research could be related to the budget, the accommodations, the tourist’s spots it offers and so on and so forth.

Make sure to have the time of your life.

Happy Travelling!

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