Top 10 Things To Do in Fiji Island – Especially for Island Lovers


If you are a fan of islands, then one island you should visit is the Fiji Islands. The Fiji Island is located in the Southern part of the Pacific Ocean. The Fiji Island which has a land area of about 18,300 sq km consists of over 500 islets, and a chain of 330 islands. However, only 110 islands out of the 330 islands are inhabited permanently. The island has a population of over 858,000 people and uses the UTC +12 time zone.

Fiji Island is a tourist haven as it is filled with activities that could take you a lifetime to completely explore. We will however brief you on 10 things you should endeavor to do the next time you find yourself in the Fiji Islands.

The Dinner Cruise of Fiji Islands


The dinner cruise is a romantic cruise that you will never forget. As the sun sets, you can sail away on a ship. On this ship, you will enjoy the cultural performance of Fiji while helping yourself to some enchanting barbecue dishes. You can be sure that you will also enjoy the view of the setting sun atop the Pacific Ocean. The dinner comprises of a wide range of meals that would excite your taste buds. You can be sure to enjoy deserts such as Baked banana in coconut cream, tropical fruit salad. Other salads type available include Miti and Ota (coconut milk and local spinach), potato salad and kumula as well as green salad. The barbecue further comprises of Sauteed vegetables, chicken shish kebabs, peppered sirloin steak and fish of the day.

Waterfall Hike on the Coral Coast and a Lunch Visit to Biausevu Village


As you walk around the Sava nu Mate Laya waterfall, you can leisurely sightsee and hike along the rain forest located in the coral coast. While being fringed by wild ginger and giant ferns, you can also enjoy a cool lagoon swim. You can then proceed to the pristine coastline in Southern Fiji where you can visit the island’s heart where the Biausevu village is located. You are welcomed by the local chieftains who treat you to their kava ceremony where they brew you a drink that would make you relax.

Cloud 9 Tour


You can explore the cloud 9, a paradise which floats in the Pacific Ocean’s middle. You can also enjoy the signature cocktail of cloud 9, enjoy wine from the bars which are well stocked and enjoy an Italian pizza while taking in the beautiful views and the blue waters. The tour includes visiting extremely beautiful spots on Fiji’s water where you can enjoy a famous surf break. The tour also features a lot of music and food.

Day Cruise on the Botaira Beach Resort


On this cruise, you will get to enjoy a trip on a modern and comfortable catamaran, a Yasawa flyer. You should sit by the windows side and enjoy the serene views as you are shown around Naviti Island’s Southern part. You would also get to see the Waya Lailai and Kuata’s tranquil bays, lush greenery and rugged hills on this cruise. The boat will come to a stop at the Botaira resort by lunchtime. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a tasty dish of fresh seafood.

Ultimate 7 Night Cruise on Fiji Islands


Enjoy the views of the Yasawas and Mamaucas islands for a week. The cruise is a relaxing opportunity while vacationing in the Fiji Islands. The trip is a combination of the 4 night cruise and the 3 night cruise with an extra complimentary tour in the day time. The would have you see numerous sites in the Fiji Islands including Port Denarau, Tivua, Yaqeta, Matacawalevu, Sawa-i-lawu, Yasawa Island, Naviti Island, Drawaqa, Denarau Marina, Waya Island, Sacred Islands, MonuBay, Moruriki and Nuku-I-Mana.

7 Night Escape to Paradise Small-Ship Cruise


Take a paradise trip on the Fiji Princess and get the opportunity to visit the remote beaches, lagoons and atolls in Yasawa. You get to also enjoy wonderful cuisines, culture, beautiful scenes and the sun. Places you will get to visit on this tour include Drawaqa Island, Tamusua, Nanuya Lailai, Kayak, Narara, Naukacuva and Modriki.

4 Night Cruise on the Yasawa Islands


This cruise, which lasts for 4 nights, is sure to be a fulfillment of your dream about Fiji Island. You get to see very long stretches of coral gardens which are very colorful, aquamarine lagoons and soft beaches. You also get to see a lot of interesting sites including Port Denarau, Tivua, Yaqeta, Matacawalevu, Sawa-i-lau, Yasawa, Naviti, Drawaqa, Tivua and Denarau Marina. You are sure to also enjoy a wide variety of Fiji delicacies, sea foods and cultural performances.

Blue Lagoon Small-Ship Cruise and 4-Night Fijian Islands


The cruise features a special 4 nights and 5 days breathtaking exploration of the pristine beautiful nature in Fiji Yasawa Islands. You will get to sail on the crystal-clear Blue Lagoon waters, dine under coconut palms and relate with local villagers. You would most likely be travelling with 67 other passengers as that is the maximum capacity of the ship. You get to have a lot of fun dining, watching local performances and playing games.

Southern Yasawa Islands and 3-Night Mamanuca


This 3 night cruise will take you on an all-inclusive trip to the islands on South Yasawa and Mamanuca. You get to see the iconic islands of Fiji’s natural beauty as well as a lot of on-land and water activities. You also get to learn the traditional culture and customs of the Polynesians. The trip would take you through spots which include Denarau Marina, Waya Island, Sacred Islands, Monu Bay, Monuriki, Nuku-I-Mana and Tivua Island.

Blue Lagoon Small-Ship Cruise and 3-Night Fijian Islands


You can also take this 3 nights and 4 days trip on which you are sure to enjoy Fiji’s friendly culture, stunning beaches and tropical splendor. You will get to cruise for 4 hours daily which guarantees you a lot of time on the Fiji waters in the Sacred Islands, Mamanucas and Yasawas.

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