What Non-Touristy Things Can You Do In Every Country You Visit?


One of the most common mistakes committed when traveling is to naively think there is nothing to do in the place you´re visiting. This causes countless adventurers to schedule really short trips without knowing they are missing and infinity of fun activities and places.

If you don´t want this to happen or think that your destination is not too much of a fun place, perhaps these recommendations will be handy. Bear in mind that, because every country is vastly different, the following tips will not be too specific. Instead, we will give you a general idea of what you can look for as soon as you arrive at the airport.

First things first


Before starting, you first need to know that, if you´re planning to visit places that require buying an entrance, you should acquire them before you leave. This is so that you don´t come across the nasty surprise of finding out that all the tickets are sold by the time you arrive.

Visit Museums


Although many people reckon museums are the most boring attractions they can visit, the truth is they can be pretty entertaining and enriching about the country you are visiting. In fact, you can even spend a whole day in a museum without getting bored. It´s all about choosing the right one.

If you go to a museum that displays attractions you don´t care about, chances are you will, indeed, have a bad time.

Visit Bars or Cafes


Nothing makes you feel more comfortable at a distant an unknown location than meeting new friends. However, not too many touristic activities focus on social interactions. This is why your best option is going to a popular bar or cafe in the area.

Don´t be afraid of talking to the locals, for, most of the times, they will be welcoming and kind. If you simply cannot manage to approach a group of people at the bar, try having a drink or two. As long as you don´t overdo it, it will enhance your social abilities. If you make new friends during your trip, everything will be way easier.

Eat like a Local

night market

If you are visiting a country that is well-known for its delicious food, you definitely have to try all their traditional dishes. The only way you will be able to accomplish this is by visiting as many local restaurants as you can.

Because you don´t want to run out of money by the first day of your stay, try avoiding gourmet and overly-expensive restaurants. In fact, most people say the stands that are located in the streets serve the best local food.

Whatever you Do, Avoid your Hotel

You don´t need to go to another country if you want to spend a whole weekend watching Netflix in a hotel room. If you want to make the most out of your stay, make sure you spend the least time possible in your hotel. Instead, go explore your surroundings and be surprised by the countless things you will encounter.

If you visit all the places that were mentioned above, you are sure to have the best of the times during your stay. Always remember that the core of every trip is the new people you get to meet. Although pictures and souvenirs will stick around for a while, true friends are the ones that will remain by your side forever.

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